Do you have too many things in your closet that don't work? 

Optimize your wardrobe, sustainably.

THIRD LAW’s mission is to help you live powerfully by making less do more. Find out how you can transform your wardrobe to be lean, sustainable and reflective of who you are today. You’ll wear more of what you own and feel more confident and clear-headed. 

Closet clarity means more time for fun and doing what you love!

Sustainability is at our core and we aim to leverage the best sustainable and ethical brands and practices.  Not only that, but we’ll educate you along the way on how to sustainably remove and add items to your wardrobe, so that you increase your environmental and social impact overall.


Personal Brand

Develop your personal brand and discover how to apply it to your wardrobe.

Closet Cleanse

Sustainably remove items from your closet that don't align with your personal brand.

Mini Capsule

Identify core essentials that are versatile, sustainable and reflect your personal brand.

Occasion & Seasonal

We source 3 new outfits to compliment what you already own for any occasion or season.

"The palette you created for me in the personal brand consult is a perfect representation of me! It helps me find things that work best for my style."
Jenny C.
I am generally really picky with what I wear, and have been frustrated by the fact that the clothes I do have don't feel like they're communicating the right message. THIRD LAW really helped me understand and hone in on what I wanted my personal brand to project, and what types of clothes would really work well for me. Plus, they gave me amazing ideas for sustainable brands with staple pieces that I felt were spot on!
Alina S.
"All aspects of my personal brand were on target. I am thrilled to embrace a new start on my style and color palette designed just for me!"
Barbara A.

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A Sustainable Wardrobe
Makes you More Powerful


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THIRD LAW’s name is inspired by Newton’s Third Law – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In some way, we are all affecting each other.


The company was founded by sustainable fashion specialist, Kathy Kearns. Kathy is a former Google Sales & Marketing executive and has worked with global iconic brands such as LEGO, MATTEL, UNDER ARMOUR, ADIDAS, MTV, NBC UNIVERSAL and more. She holds a Masters degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University where she studied under Simon Sinek.


At Google, Kathy worked on the Fashion team where she began to realize the enormity of our purchasing power and the opportunity to make a positive impact through the way we consume. THIRD LAW was created to address this opportunity and help people live powerfully by making less do more. Each one of us can have a tremendous impact on our planet and its people, just by reframing how we think about our wardrobe.


THIRD LAW specializes in sustainable wardrobe optimization, with the goal of creating a lean and green wardrobe that you love to wear. In addition to one-on-one client services, THIRD LAW offers corporate consulting and group workshops on sustainable fashion.



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including tips for creating a sustainable wardrobe, features on sustainable & ethical brands, events and more.